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Can the iTENS be used as Leg Stimulation Machines?

Sitting or standing all day can cause our legs and feet to be sore and numb. Likewise, inactivity or overuse can cause the muscles to become tired and sore. When you feel numbness in the legs, it can be due to poor blood circulation. Other symptoms of poor circulation include muscle cramps, tingling, or throbbing sensations in the lower limbs. In some cases, an underlying condition also causes decreased blood flow in the area. If you experience these symptoms long-term, it is vital to seek a doctor’s diagnosis. A physician can recommend various medications, home remedies or techniques to improve blood circulation. For instance, you can use electrotherapy with leg stimulation machines to help boost blood flow. 

Electrotherapy uses mild electrical currents to stimulate the muscles or nerves to relax.  A popular type of electrotherapy is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS. They use wired electrodes connected to pads placed on the skin. They are often available in physiotherapy clinics to help patients deal with acute or chronic pain. Moreover, TENS or leg stimulation machines can also help soothe tenderness for weak or tired legs. Specifically, TENS targets the sensory nerves to help reduce pain. In addition, TENS help increase blood and oxygen flow to relax muscle soreness. In particular, the iTENS is a TENS device for pain relief and muscle stimulation

The Wireless iTENS: Leg Stimulation Machines

Can the iTENS be used as leg stimulation machines? The iTENS is a wireless TENS device suitable for relieving acute and chronic pain symptoms. Unlike standard TENS machines in clinics or therapy centres, the iTENS uses Bluetooth technology to treat pain. Primarily, the iTENS emits low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate the nerve endings. The stimulation intercepts the normal nerve functions in the spinal cord to block pain signals. Thus, the pain signals in the pain site could not reach the brain.  It also triggers endorphin release, which acts as our body’s natural painkillers. Consequently, TENS reduces overall pain perception. In general, TENS delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduces nerve pain
  • Lessen muscle cramps
  • Reduces swelling or numbness
  • Increases range of motion
  • Improve blood circulation

The iTENS has wireless electrodes attached to sticky gel pads placed on the skin near or around the pain area. It applies to most body parts, including the legs and feet. The iTENS wireless electrodes are Bluetooth-capable to connect to smartphones seamlessly. In addition, the iTENS app features different treatment options readily available for fast and convenient pain relief. For example, you can choose treatment for the feet or quadriceps to ease muscle tension in the area. You may also select the massage mode for relaxation. In particular, the iTENS leg stimulation machines has long strip pads suitable for broad or elongated body parts. 


iTENS as a Leg Stimulation Machine

Poor circulation in the legs results in swelling and muscle aches when walking. It is because blood mainly distributes the needed oxygen to the body. If the blood flow in the legs is poor, then the cells will not get the adequate nutrients it needs. As a result, it leads to the weakening of the muscles or nerves. Therefore, the iTENS leg stimulation machines help loosen up the blood vessels and restore blood circulation. In effect, they increase oxygen flow and relieve aches and soreness. Moreover, it is vital to know what causes pain to manage them effectively. Often, underlying conditions cause poor circulation in the legs and feet. These are the common health conditions:

  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Blood clots
  • Enlarged varicose veins
  • Diabetes
  • Raynaud’s disease

Uses of TENS

TENS therapy is suitable for managing pain in chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, bursitis, and ankle tendonitis. It also helps relieve period pain, pain during the early stage of labour, and migraines. Also, TENS is best for activity-induced pain in the shoulders, arms, back, hip, thighs, elbows, knees, and feet. In particular, chronic pain lasts for more than three months. They are recurring pain that can happen randomly. Unfortunately, chronic pain causes extreme discomfort without effective pain management. In line with this, the iTENS is a wireless device for pain management. Unlike bulky electrical stimulators, the iTENS leg stimulation machines are portable. 

The iTENS leg stimulation machines are advantageous for people with sports injuries or post-surgery pain. For example, knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that diagnoses and treats a wide range of knee conditions. TENS also lessen sciatic pain, which radiates from the lower spine to the buttocks and the back of the legs. In this regard, the modulated frequency from iTENS gives a therapeutic effect. Additionally, the electrical stimulation helps loosen muscle knots and aids in faster regenerating damaged nerves. Because of this, TENS is also beneficial for people recovering from sudden injuries. Also, coaches and physiotherapists integrate TENS into an overall rehabilitation and pain relief program. 


Leg Stimulation Machines: iTENS Benefits

The iTENS is a portable device ideal while working or being physical. In particular, the wireless electrodes enable you to treat pain conveniently. Furthermore, unlike wired TENS units, the iTENS do not have the hassle of messy or tangled wires when placed on the skin. As a result, it minimises accidental shocks or burns from open cables. In addition, the wireless iTENS is sustainable long term because it is not susceptible to wear-and-tear of the wires. Likewise, the iTENS leg stimulation machines enable you to walk without restricting movement. Therefore, you can use the iTENS discreetly under the clothes. 

iTENS Pads Placement for Leg Stimulation

Placement of the leg stimulation machines pads is crucial to attaining optimal relief. For best results, position the pads on the most painful region. Choose the iTENS small wing pads for smaller joint areas and the large wings to cover broader parts. In general, set the pads over the muscles. You may also slightly alter the position between sessions until you achieve relief. In addition, operating the wireless iTENS is easy. After placing the pads on clean, dry skin, turn the machine on and connect it to the app on your smartphone. From the iTENS app, you can access several pre-set treatments. For example, tap the “muscle relaxation” mode to begin the therapy right away. 

TENS Machines at iTENS Australia

TENS is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative for pain relief and muscle relaxation. In particular, it does not have adverse side effects common to oral medications. Therefore, you can use TENS frequently as needed. You can use the iTENS as leg stimulation machines to manage acute and chronic pain. However, it is best to consult your physician regarding using TENS first. They can advise you on the proper way to administer TENS for your condition. Unfortunately, TENS is not applicable in some circumstances despite its wide uses. Specifically, TENS is not advisable for people with cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, and cardiac pacemakers. Visit iTENS Australia for more information on TENS and to begin efficient pain management. 

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