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TENS Machine Replacement Pads for iTENS

When conducting Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, the use of electrode pads is in need. Therefore, the pulses sent by the pads are its main use because they prohibit the brain from receiving pain signals. Patients can treat the pain by placing the electrode pad on the pain point. Electrode pads send mild electrical pulses to the skin so the patient can feel its calming and relaxing effect. Traditional TENS machines use wires with their electrode pads making mobility a hassle. iTENS designed a wireless TENS unit that can be operated manually or by a smartphone application. However, these wireless TENS units need TENS machine replacement pads for continuous use.

Because of the electrode pads, iTENS Wireless TENS Units can be used for treating acute and chronic pain in different body parts. As a result, frequent use of TENS therapies is in need to ensure pain relief. Clinics, physical therapy centres, and hospitals use TENS machines for pain management. In addition, physical trainers and fitness instructors use the TENS machine for rehabilitation purposes. Thus, your own iTENS Wireless TENS unit can give you a comfortable and relaxing pain treatment. However, ensure that you have TENS machine replacement pads ready for continuous therapies in your home.

TENS Machine Replacement Pads Information 

Are gel pads necessary? The answer is yes, the iTENS wireless TENS machine can and should only operate with the iTENS gel pads; these gel pads are for iTENS product use only. If you do not use gel pads while using the TENS device, you may experience skin irritation or burns. Therefore, ensure you do not use the iTENS device without the gel pads. The TENS machine replacement pads for iTENS are available for purchase online. In addition, iTENS offers three wing gel pads targeting different pain points in the body:

  • Small wing gel pads are available for your kneeankle, elbow, wrist, and other small treatment areas.
  • For maximum pain site coverage such as thigh, back and other large treatment areas large wings gel pad is sufficient.
  • The long strip wing gel pad is for sciatic nerve, tendons, and long-length areas that radiate pain downward.

How Long Do TENS Machine Replacement Pads Last?

The iTENS TENS machine replacement pads are available for using up to 15-25 applications per set. If you notice that the quality of stimulation from the device starts to diminish, it may be because of the gel pads’ state. With frequent use, the gel pads may begin to lose their stickiness; you can rehydrate the gel pads with a few drops of water to make them sticky again. Remember to dry the gel pads before placing them onto your skin. Also, the body’s natural oils, body lotion, and sweat may affect the gel pads’ capability to stick onto the skin properly. You should clean the area where you plan to place the pads with gentle soap and water before placing them onto your skin.

If your gel pads do not stick to your skin any longer, it may be time to purchase a TENS machine replacement pads. The number of times you can use the gel pads will vary, but you can prolong their effectiveness with proper care and maintenance. It would be best to remember to prepare and clean the skin, and it is crucial to follow proper storage of the gel pads when not in use. Proper storage of the gel pads requires that you keep your TENS unit and electrode pads clean. Before storage, you can use a washcloth and put some water droplets in to re-establish gel stickiness. Make sure not to use any objects that may leave a residue on the gel pads, like paper towels.

How long Can You Use the iTENS Device? 

Using a TENS device is a non-invasive way of pain relief, and there are no possibilities of overdose or adverse reactions. You can use your iTENS device daily and as often as possible. Getting TENS machine replacement pads are recommended if you use them frequently. You do not have to remove the device between TENS therapy sessions. Still, you should regularly rest between treatments and check the skin under the gel pads for redness or irritation.  Some people may develop skin irritation while using the device. If this happens, discontinue the usage and consult a medical expert. Furthermore, the iTENS gel pads have laser-printed silver conductive surfaces, reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions. The iTENS is designed in a  therapeutic way that is safe for use all day.

Healthcare experts suggest that TENS machine therapy should typically last for 30 minutes. However, iTENS pose no significant hazard for long periods of sessions. Additionally, for the user’s safety, give your skin a rest for at least 20 minutes. To ensure that there will be no skin irritations that can happen to the user. A drawback of using TENS machines is that there are cases when the user feels a buzzing, stinging, or prickling feeling. Which the users feel uncomfortable with, but those occasions happen rarely. Other problems such as loss of the gel adhesive can also create discomfort, and TENS machine replacement pads are needed.


Guidelines About Electrode Pad Placement

The proper preparations and storage of your gel pads can help the gel adhesive last longer. Therefore learning the proper guidelines for using the TENS machine is essential. These guidelines can help increase the longevity of the gel pads but having a spare TENS machine replacement pads is still necessary for more frequent use. Also, these procedures can guarantee your safety when conducting TENS Therapy.

  • Clean the skin and the electrode pad using small amounts of water before the start of the session.
  • Ensure that the TENS device is off before attaching the electrode pad.
  • Do not start with a high intensity level because it may cause irritations or uncomfortable sensations.
  • Clean the gel pad with water droplets, and don’t use paper towels.
  • Make sure to rest your skin for 20 minutes if you want another treatment.

Where to buy TENS Machine replacement pads?

You can purchase new TENS machine replacement pads directly online store at the iTENS Australia website. iTENS Australia offers three kinds of gel pads for the three wing sizes. The replacement gel pads are available in small, large, and long strips. These Peel’ n Stick gel pads can be reused and replaced whenever you want. The gel pads are suitable for 15 – 25 uses per set. Each gel pad pack contains 3 sets, meaning you will get 45 – 60 uses in total.

The iTENS is a TENS machine that can treat acute and chronic pain. Because iTENS is a wireless TENS unit, it uses different kinds of electrode pads that can target various pain points in the body. Because of the versatility of the electrode pads, iTENS also has EMS benefits and can be used as an electronic massager. Therefore, having a spare TENS machine replacement pads is beneficial for the user. Frequent use of the iTENS users while suffering from chronic pain experiences a better quality of sleep, a better mood, and high mobility that improves their daily life.

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