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Where To Buy a TENS Unit Near Me?

iTENS large wings and refill gel pads

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS, is an all-natural and non-invasive method for pain management. It involves the use of a small device that sends electrical impulses to the affected area. TENS is widely applicable to a wide range of acute and chronic pain conditions. Because of its versatility, many ask where to buy a TENS unit near me. These devices are available nationwide in local pharmacies and online, like iTENS Australia. 

TENS therapy can help alleviate pain and promote muscle relaxation. It also helps boost blood circulation, aiding in faster healing of injuries. TENS machines used to be available only through medical professionals or treatment facilities. Nowadays, they are available for purchase by the general public without a prescription. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information about using TENS, where to find a TENS unit, and how to choose a device. 

Where to Buy a TENS Unit Near Me: What Is a TENS Machine?

A TENS unit is a battery-operated device that is connected through adhesive electrode pads. It delivers electrical pulses through the skin to stimulate the nerves for pain reduction. Moreover, it is programmable to suit different pain types and severity. In high frequency, it activates the “neural gates” in the spinal cord to close and block pain signals from reaching the brain. 

Conversely, low frequency induces the release of more endorphins. They are natural chemicals with pain-relieving properties similar to opioids. Endorphins inhibit the nerve cells from sending pain messages to the nervous system. As a result, it alleviates the overall perception of pain. Therapeutic relief may last for several hours to one day.

Using the device is safe and simple. The portable TENS machines have easy controls and modulated currents to prevent significant risks. Hence, many ask where to buy a TENS unit near me to use at home or on their own time. Additionally, using the device does not need professional supervision. 

Benefits of Owning TENS Units

Owning a TENS device can give the following benefits:

  • Relieve pain symptoms and other discomforts without the need for medication.
  • It is highly portable and can be used at home or on the go.
  • TENS relieves chronic pain, such as osteoarthritisrheumatoid arthritissciatica, and degenerative disc conditions. 
  • TENS relieves acute pain, such as post-operative and muscular pain. In addition, individuals can manage post-operative treatment without going to a clinic. 
  • It is non-invasive and does not restrict the range of motion. 
  • It has few side effects compared to other methods of pain relief. 
  • A TENS machine is more cost-effective for long-term pain management. 

iTENS large refill gel pads

Where to Buy a TENS Unit Near Me: Local vs Online Stores

There are several options where to buy a TENS unit near me. Many pharmacies and medical supply stores carry TENS and other electrotherapy machines. Local stores allow you to inspect the device before purchase. They also provide customer support and aftercare service, if necessary. However, these are limited to physical locations and store policies.

You may also check with your doctor or physical therapist to recommend a specific TENS unit most suitable for your needs. However, if you cannot find one near you, you may opt to buy it online. Purchasing a TENS machine online lets you read reviews and compare the features and prices of each unit. Therefore, you are sure to get a device that is right for you.

Online stores have a wide selection of TENS machines from providers like iTENS Australia. It offers iTENS, the first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device. It has Bluetooth capability to connect with a smartphone. Through an app, you can set your own program or choose from the numerous pre-set modes. 

Shipping Options and Cost Considerations

Buying a TENS machine online is convenient. However, there are several factors to take into account when it comes to delivery and costs. Generally, consider the size and weight of the package and the distance it needs to travel. This will impact the cost of shipping and the speed of delivery. 

In particular, iTENS Australia offers three shipping options via Parcel Post, insured and uninsured, and Express Post. Each type has different delivery rates, including GST. Moreover, be aware of the warranty and return policies. Lastly, check the available accessories, such as refill pads. Some may include extra TENS pads to save on costs. 

Using a TENS machine for ankle pain

Where to Buy a TENS Unit Near Me: How to Choose the Best TENS Unit for Your Needs and Budget

The best TENS unit will depend on individual needs. This will affect where to buy a TENS unit near me based on availability and other factors. Devices may have different modes and a range of settings. Some may also have additional features. Therefore, it is essential to determine your specific treatment needs and ease of use. 

When choosing a device, look for a reputable supplier or brand that offers a quality product. Additionally, examine the intensity and frequency levels. For severe pain, a high intensity is ideal. Moreover, check if the unit has a pre-set program for your specific condition to enable you to treat pain conveniently. 

Equally important, what are the features that you need? You may get a TENS machine based on the type of electrodes. A traditional device has a handheld controller connected to the electrode pads via wires. On the other hand, a wireless TENS machine is controllable via Bluetooth connection through a smartphone app. Other factors are battery type, pad options, and replacement pads

Additional Tips & Tricks

To get the most out of your TENS device, several practical tips can help maximise the benefits. Firstly, identify the correct pad placement. Position the electrodes on either side of the most painful area. Slightly adjust the arrangements if it does not hit the right nerves. Secondly, always start at the lowest setting and gradually increase it. 

Thirdly, alternate the pulse rates from low to high to prevent developing a tolerance. You may experiment with varying frequency levels and waveforms to find the most effective results. Finally, regularly clean the electrodes by wiping them with a damp cloth to prolong their lifespan.


If you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, considering where to buy a TENS unit near me is the first step. TENS machines are portable devices that send low-voltage electrical currents to reduce pain. It is now widely available in local pharmacies and online retailers. Buying online gives you the advantage of comparing multiple products from various suppliers. Therefore, you can ensure to select the most suitable device or get the best possible deal. 

You may also get a device depending on your pain relief needs and budget. TENS units can be expensive. However, there are also cost-effective options online with better features. For instance, many prefer a wireless device like the iTENS because it removes the hassle of tangled wires. It has the same functionalities as a conventional TENS machine but with improved portability and convenience. For efficient pain management, you may get the iTENS at iTENS Australia.

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