Buying or Hiring a TENS Machine

It may be ultimately cheaper to buy rather than hiring a tens machine. Look around online for the best TENS machine that will suit your needs. If you have sensitive skin, it is worth finding out if your chosen device comes with hypoallergenic pads. If you are interested and have already decided to opt for a drug-free pain relief solution, the iTENS wireless devices can help. The iTENS wireless devices are a viable and worthwhile investment to help manage your pain. The iTENS devices are wireless, easy to use and safe, so you can use them as much as you like. 

Buying or Hiring a TENS machine for labour 

You will probably need to hire or buy a TENS machine to use the device at home while you are in early labour. And if you are interested in using one and your goal is to go for an all-natural drug-free birth, hiring a TENS machine that is specifically designed for labour is the best option. TENS therapy stimulates the nerves, and this helps in blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. The stimulation also helps the body generate more endorphins (the body’s natural pain-killing chemical). They reduce the feeling of pain and discomfort. Using TENS machines will have no side effects on the mother and baby. 

Rent or Buy?  

While hiring a TENS machine is an excellent idea if you are unsure how the TENS device works. It is also an advantage if you have heard some great news about using TENS as a treatment for pain relief and want to try it out for yourself. Cost-wise, it may seem cheaper to rent a TENS device if you wish to try it out and see if using a TENS machine will suit your needs. But for prolonged usage, buying one is ultimately the better choice economicaly. 

Considering this, hiring a TENS machine could essentially accumulate unnecessary expenses if you may have forgotten to return it within the due date, and you will have to worry about the cost and the hassle of sending the unit back. By the time you have managed to send the unit back, you could have purchased and kept a TENS machine for yourself for future use.  

Buying rather than hiring a TENS machine is a brilliant idea for those considering having multiple births. Buying a TENS device is more cost-effective and wise. It is also a good investment as you can use the TENS machine after birth for pain relief. Ultimately, it is a long-lasting investment. You don’t have to worry about late fees if you forget about returning the unit. 

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