TENS Unit Vs Other Pain Relief Options

You may have heard a lot about products that will relieve chronic pain. One product that everybody is talking about is TENS units. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is TENS. A TENS unit is a tool that stimulates nerves throughout the body by applying an electrical current through the skin. Individuals utilize it to decrease incessant pain and is also excellent for relief of migraines and headaches, allowing people to enjoy their day.

Why are TENS units better than other chronic pain relievers?

There are several advantages why TENS units may be a good product for pain relief:

  1. Nerve Retraining – damaged nerves are unable to send or receive signals. This results in difficulty in mobility and can result in varying levels of pain from minor to extreme. Endorphins are your body’s usual painkiller, and they are discharged from the incitement of the motivations, and TENS machines treat pain by utilizing the body’s painkiller naturally. By using a TENS machine, within a very short period of time, the nerve patterns and the brain are retrained by the impulse that triggers the muscle, which relieves pain.
  2. Reduced Inflammation – with pain comes inflammation, and that in itself can successively cause more pain. It is a very hampster on the wheel circumstance. Fortunately, the wireless TENS unit can offer assistance and relieve the pain. 
  3. Affordable – with physical pain, you can expect to spend a lot of money on drugs and treatments that value a lot of money and time.. A lifetime supply of pain medication is often very costly. TENS units are used only in Chiropractic/therapy clinics, as they are expensive to buy. However, a wireless ITENS device is cost effect and can be used at leisure, anywhere, anytime, allowing for a higher quality of life. Massage for individuals without pain, there are other astonishing benefits to utilizing a TENS unit. Numerous wholesalers are offering these units as massagers. Easy & Simple to Use – being a sophisticated medical device, the units are extremely easy to use and so simple to configure. Just put the pad on the muscle that needs attention, and the machine will take over from that point. There is a option for the intensity and a couple of auto-programs that can work out the best program for you.  
  4. An Improved Quality of Life – regardless of anything else, all TENS will manage your pain so that you have a far better quality of life. Whether it is being active outdoors, relaxing with your family or sleeping better, the TENS machine can help you achieve this pain-free.
  5. With numerous benefits advertised by a Tens unit, one can get a wireless Tens unit to reduce or alleviate pain with no side effects.